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Kittens available  

09.02.2016 - We plan kittens from Julie and Just. Next litter I plan to Sophia and Just. Few pictures of Sophia.


30.12.2016 -  I would like to wish all nice people, owners of my kittens, other breeders, friends and "rivals" :-) beautiful and successful year 2017

11.12.2016 - Beautiful novelty in our kennel is new, kitten in an unusual color tabby bicolor Sophia from kennel Clipper. Kitty has a very sweet and gentle nature, is fearless which I especially appreciate.


05.12.2016 - All our kittens including Cayla have new homes. Other kittens we plan for spring 2017.

21.11.2016 - Cayla Divoký Anděl is available. I offer cat for breeding. Cayla has a very loving nature. Her parents are tested for HCM and PKD and other tests that I can prove. For more information you writte e-mail.


25.3.16 - Girl Baileys and brothers Bacardi and Bourbone each have a gallery. After clicking on the their name you can see the photos.
Vuga was with male. If mating was successful from two months, we expect further kittens with spotted coat

12.3.1 - Soulmate has three beautiful kittens. Kittens have excellent development. We look forward to the next kittens from Julie and Vuga. For more information click on photo.  

27.2.2016 - Today born kittens. We have two boys and one girl. All children are beautiful, and healthy. More information later.

26.2.2016 - Every day we expect the birth of kittens.

2.2.2016 - Updated section of kittens and laides.

25.1.2016 -  Last year we experienced several changes and bred only one litter of kittens Vuga for Blue Cat. We built a new aviary in our second home in South Bohemia.

We experienced amazing success of our cats X-Belle Wild Angel at the world exhibition in Sweden. Belle won BIV - the best cat in the color world exhibition for 2015. I am proud of her and thank you for the excellent care owner Nina.

This year, we plan to gradually kittens of all our cats - Soulmate, Julie and Vuga.

If everything goes according to plan first kittens will be born in February, the second litter in March and kittens from the dotted cat Vugi we plan in the summer. Dad is a beautiful cat Just my Terasure de Noble * LV, with whom we have a few litters of kittens really beautiful . Just fathered litters W, Y, X.


2.11.2014 - All boys from litter Y are reserved. We have the last available girl and boy from litter Z. Kittens ready for their new homes at Christmas time. They can leave from 23th december or later.


22.10.2014- We have CHRISTMAS KITTENS! girls and boys are available. They can leave at Christmas to a new homes.
Boy litter Y can leave to new home in November.

2.8.2014 - I am very happy. We have first spotted kittens on the our kennel! One girl and one boy silver spotted. one girl silver tabby.

24.6.14 - Vuga Pro Cat Blue and Just de Noble will have kittens! Waiting kittens silver tabby and silver spotted.

15.6.14 -
Our beautiful spotted kitty Vuga Pro Cat Blue - Viktorka had one single kitten. Willi boy is the most beautiful kitten. He is loving, brave and fearless. The only child to have blended the best features of his parents. We expect the same babies at the beginning of July.

18.5.2014 - Very sorry for the long not updated web.
For the our kennel we have some news. We have a new marbled cat Soulmate Vale of Praud - Sarah. She is very dear, brave and very pretty cat. Very much thanks my dear friends Bobby and Meike!
In the near future We plan kittens. Father will be a wonderful cat Just de Noble.


27.09.13 - we have available boy Versace and a girl Vivienne.

20.10.12 - We have a new beautiful spotted cat Vuga Pro Cat Blue. Many Thanking Tom and Naďa Spicek from Croatia.

16.06.12 - All kittens are reserved or sold. New photos of kittens from the litter "U" you can see in the their gallery.

07.05.12 - Last kitten Sunny for sale. More information: litter "S"

06.05.12 - We spent the weekend with kittens from litter "S" show in Brno. Both days win BIS.
Buddy on Saturday EX2.
On Sunday won CAGCIB and was chosen as the best of the 4 males.


22.04.12 - Kittens litter "U" have new pictures in their gallery. Are available last boy "Universe" and two girls from litter "S"

14.04.12 - New photos of kittens, see the table in section kittens.

09.04.12 - We have a wonderful new site. Thank Nikol for the quick and excellent work!.

05.04.12 - New pictures of kittens "U" you can find on their page.

25.03.12 - New pictures of our sweet "S - girls", also Tony from "T - litter" and new details "about U kittenbs".

25.03.12 - Buddy was shown on the next show in Bratislava, where he received another CACIB. Also became a father the third time. Beautiful tabby babies were born - mother is our Julia. She gave 3 girls and 1 boy. Details and photos hopefully within a week.
Kittenbs from litter "S" and Tony have new pictures in their galleries.

22.03.12 - On Monday, my little Sam underwent surgery at the clinic Jaggy. Unfortunately, his little body all those already suffering from birth and on Tuesday he gave up under the left forever. I hope that one day I will meet with all loved ones.

12.03.12 - Sunny (Ofelia) has an only child - little boy Tony. Unfortunately, to this world he came by the hands of the vet, but now he and his mother are fine.
All kittens from litter "S" are booked. At the end of the month we also waiting for kittens from Julie.

05.03.12 - This weekend we traveled with Buddy (Mission Impossible) to an exhibition in Prague. Both days won in strong competition of 11 cats an certificate CACIB, also was best male in color - BIV. Photography captures exactly what you think about Buddy shows. Fortunately, this was not effected during judging. On Saturday he won CACIB, BIV, and the selection for nomination we would rather absent because Buddy was really angry. Fortunately, on Sunday cleared a bit, he got CACIB, BIV and was nominated. It was greatest success and I think that Buddy has performed decently in BIS :-)

15.02.12 - Sunny is pregnant, we expect kittens! ....Despite the fact that I did not plan it. Julie is perhaps also pregnant, so it will be really baby-boom in our home...
All current kittens have new pictures in their galleries.
Pár fotek těhulky Sunny:

05.02.12 - Tonight is the first Buddy´s offspring born. Sweety during 2.5 hours gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. We have 1 little boy and 4 ladies. All kittens are doing fine, and here are the first fresh photos:

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